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Langarth Garden Village is designed to be an active and sustainable place which can contribute to improving residents’ health.

As part of the development of the new Garden Village we have been working closely with health partners, including the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, to develop plans for integrated health facilities which meet the needs of the new residents and avoid increase pressure on the hospital and existing primary care facilities.

Our plans for Langarth also include providing accommodation for key workers, including nurses and doctors and other health staff.

nurses 3

The additional power capacity provided by our green energy centre will also support the development of the new Women and Children’s hospital building and other planned improvements at RCHT.

energy centre 5 2

The development of the new Northern Access Route will provide an alternative route for people working and visiting the hospital, as well as to the rail station and the city.

Other proposals being developed to help support health and wellbeing include :

Providing community facilities where residents can meet and interact

Providing green and open spaces and a mix of play areas

Providing interconnected green corridors linking all areas of the site, and also providing links to the city and surrounding communities

Providing new walkways and cycle routes for work and leisure use

Providing improved public transport, with increased bus services, cheaper fares and e bike and e car clubs to encourage people to leave their cars at home