Public transport

Green travel

Langarth will be a place with green infrastructure at its heart which prioritises people over cars.

We want residents to choose alternatives to the car when travelling. This means making it as safe and convenient as possible for people to get around on foot, bike and public transport, both within Langarth and into surrounding communities.

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We are significantly improving bus services at Langarth. Bus stops will be provided in each local centre, with links to Langarth Park and Ride, RCHT and Truro to provide a fully integrated public transport service.

We are also developing plans to offer cheaper fares, and to provide cycle parking, e-bike charging and seating areas at bus stops to encourage their use as community meeting areas.

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The new boulevard style Northern Access Road (NAR) will connect all the developments on the Langarth site and provide a route through the Garden Village to the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske avoiding the A390. Designed to be pedestrian friendly, the NAR will have a 20mph speed limit and have 3km of new footways and cycleways along its entire length.

The Interim Link Road will be the first section of the Northern Access Road to be constructed. It will open up the Langarth site to let development start from the West near to the proposed new Stadium for Cornwall.

The A390 will be upgraded to make it less traffic dominated, with several safe crossing points provided along its length to link Threemilestone to Langarth.

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Footpaths & cycleways

With green space and local centres readily accessible to all homes, we are developing new pedestrian and cycle routes to serve and connect all parts of the development.

Cycleways and paths will provide easy access to everywhere people want to go, alongside this Langarth will also provide cycle parking and storage, cycle training programmes, car clubs and an extension to the park and ride site. Cycle parking to each house will provide secure, easily accessible on plot space for cycle parking, including e-bike charging.

The Saints Trails route from St Agnes will connect to the Langarth development at the proposed West Langarth junction, providing onward connections to the railway station and into the city centre.

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Park & ride

We have already extended the opening hours of the Park and Ride sites, with buses now running up to 10 pm. We will also be providing an extra 600 spaces at the Langarth Park and Ride site as part of our transport strategy.

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E-bikes & e-car clubs

We want to encourage people to use their cars less and help them to lead active lives. By providing e-bike and e-car clubs at Langarth we can ensure that residents have access to transport when they need it, at the same time as helping to minimise air and noise pollution from traffic.

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Rail links

We will be providing improved bus services, pedestrian and cycling links to enable residents to access the rail station in the city.

We will also be working with partners to investigate the potential for re-opening the halt at the back of the Threemilestone Business Park for people travelling from west Cornwall.

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