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We have been working hard to develop proposals which will reduce flood risk and provide a sustainable drainage scheme.

The final proposals are based around the development of sustainable drainage, using new infiltration/ attenuation ponds, wetlands and swales to provide a natural flood prevention system.

drainage pic 2

Using the natural characteristics of the environment to slow, store and clean water will help to increase biodiversity and protect and enhance species.

drainage pic 3

It also allows rainwater from the site to be controlled and restricted in a more efficient and effective way than the current green field runoff.

drainage pic 6

A new South West Water sewer will pump sewage from the development to Truro’s Newham waste water treatment works.  Based on previous discussions between the private developers and South West Water, treatment capacity has been increased to accommodate the proposed development.

There are two pumping stations currently being proposed by South West Water which will be located within the Langarth development land.