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During the past few weeks we have been carrying out a review of the information we hold on land ownership, within the proposed site of the garden village, to ensure that we have identified everyone with a legal interest in the land or property affected by the scheme.

While our preference still remains to acquire any critical land needed for the scheme, through agreement, we are currently looking to see if we will need to use compulsory purchase powers (CPO) to secure any areas of land which we have not been able to acquire through agreement with landowners.

Where a CPO is required, it will be prepared in accordance with Government guidance and best practice. A decision on whether or not to make a CPO is expected to be made by the end of the Summer.

If the Council does decide to use its compulsory purchase powers, it will need to submit a formal application to the Secretary of State Levelling Up, Housing and Communities for confirmation – we will only be able to compulsorily acquire land where the Secretary of State confirms the CPO.

Everyone with land included within the CPO will be notified and will have the opportunity to make representations to the Secretary of State, before the decision on whether or not to confirm the CPO is made. Copies of the CPO and all supporting documentation will be made publicly available for review, in accordance with the statutory rules and guidance.

Should a CPO be made and confirmed, all those owners of land that is acquired by CPO will be able to submit a claim for compensation.

We have already contacted everyone, we are aware of, who holds land interests within the planning application boundary and which are needed for the Langarth Garden Village project. However anyone who believes they have land interests within the boundary of the planning application and wishes to discuss the impact of the project on their land, can contact us here via enqu[email protected]

Further information on the CPO process is available in the Documents section of the website.

Information on the compulsory purchase process and on how compensation is assessed is also available at