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As a garden village, we know that sustainability is important. We want new residents to choose alternatives to the car when travelling. This means making it as safe and convenient as possible for people to get around on foot, bike and public transport, both within Langarth and into surrounding communities. 

 Our plans prioritise people over cars, providing safe and convenient walking and cycling routes and improved public transport services for people to travel for work, school or leisure, alongside the provision for future technology, including the use of electric vehicles.

Improving public transport

Improved bus services, with bus stops in each local centre, linking to RCHT and Truro, will provide a fully integrated public transport service.  We are also developing plans to offer cheaper fares, and to provide cycle parking, e-bike charging,electric car and bike clubs and seating areas at bus stops to encourage their use as community meeting areas.

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An extension to the park and ride, with buses now running until 10pm and an extra 600 spaces, and new E-Bike and E-car clubs, will help encourage people to use their cars less, helping them to lead active lives and minimising air and noise pollution from traffic.

Building new roads

 As part of our engagement programme, we worked with the local community through consultation events and the Stakeholder Panel to develop proposals for the new Northern Access Road (NAR).

As a result, the NAR, which connects all the developments on the Langarth site and provide a route through the Garden Village to the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske, is being constructed as a boulevard style road.  Designed to be pedestrian-friendly, the NAR will have a 20mph speed limit and have 3km of new footways and cycleways along its entire length.

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At the same time we are developing plans to upgrade the A390 to make it less traffic dominated and improve access by public transport, by foot and by bike, with several safe crossing points provided along its length to link Threemilestone to Langarth.   The Saints Trails route from St Agnes will connect to the Langarth development at the proposed West Langarth junction, linking with onward connections into the city centre.

Encouraging walking and cycling 

  With green space and local centres readily accessible to all homes, walking and cycle routes are being developed to serve and connect all parts of the development. These will provide easy access to everywhere people want to go, with new river and woodland walks also linking into neighbouring areas, ensuring access into the countryside is improved for all.

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 In many cases the green space acts as landscape corridors, linking individual homes to wider communities, the different communities to the overall site and the site to the surrounding areas.  We know that encouraging people to use their car less will take time and are working hard to ensure that sustainable transport options will be available from as close to ‘day one’ as possible.