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When Threemilestone School pupils swapped their classrooms to visit us at Langarth and become masterplanners for the day, they told us it was important to plant lots of trees at the site.  We agree – and have already planted thousands of saplings in our tree nursery which will be transported to locations around the Garden Village during the life of the project.

tree planting march 2022 3

The primary school will be a close neighbour to the Garden Village, and with the site due to be developed over a 20 year period, we hope at least some of these pupils are likely to live and work at Langarth in the future.

tree planting march 8 1
tree planting march 6

Last week it was the turn of these same pupils to pick up their spades and trowels and help us to plant a further 450 native trees donated by the Woodland Trust in the tree nursery.  The young tree planters also attached copper name tags to their trees so they can watch them grow over the coming years.

tree planting march 2022 2

tree planting march 2022 1