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Why were planning permissions granted to private developers on land at Langarth in 2011 as they were against planning policies at the time?

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Proposals for development along the Highertown corridor and Threemilestone area have evolved over a 30-year period. Previous plans developed by the former Carrick District included proposals for development at Willow Green and Maiden Green along with the Langarth park and ride and stadium. This work was developed in the context of the Landscape assessments (which forms part of a wider assessment of growth options). These assessments highlighted the limited opportunities for growth and importance of the “bowl “around Truro to its setting and the existing development along the ridge at Highertown. It was also recognised that, while the ridges are important, this had been breached in this area.

In addition to Landscape the assessment also looked at the location and access to key employment centres, focused between the city centre. New County Hall, RCHT, Truro College and Threemilestone industrial estate. The focus of this employment/travel destinations were split between the Highertown / Threemilestone area and City centre.

The Langarth/INOX proposals were promoted later to both help meet housing need and support the delivery of the Stadium proposals. At the time of these applications Cornwall Council, working within the framework provided by National legislation were unable to demonstrate what is known as a 5-year land supply. On that basis the Local Planning Authority were in a difficult position with a number of schemes having already been granted consent on appeal due to the lack of a 5 year land supply. Cornwall Council therefore developed a planning brief for the area to help guide development that would come forward.

In addition the Inox proposals for the delivery of a stadium were also supported by a number of petitions as a way of helping to deliver strategic improvements for sports provision in Cornwall.

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