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Why has the figure for the number of new houses changed from 4,000?

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We want to make sure that infrastructure is provided early. We used the original figure of 4000 homes in the Housing Investment Fund bid to ensure that we could plan for and build sufficient and appropriate social, utilities and transport infrastructure which is capable of responding to change in the future, not just for the present. The original HIF Funding bid also highlighted land south of A390 and Chacewater Hill. This is outside of the masterplan area.

Now the constraints of the site are better understood this figure has reduced. We are currently planning to build approximately 3,550 new homes over a 20 to 25 year period. We are mindful of the needs of the most vulnerable in our community and are also looking at opportunities for extra care and other forms of accommodation for older people and people with disabilities, as well as accommodation for student health workers and other key workers. 35% of homes on the site will be affordable for local people. This proportion will be legally binding on developers.

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