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What will the parking provision be on the site?

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We want to encourage people to use sustainable transport options rather than rely on their cars.  The objective for Langarth is to create a community, a place where people are not dependent upon the car, where the car does not dominate. A place designed around people that looks to the future and takes forward the best of the past.

The parking strategy for Langarth is being designed to ensure that: 

  • Walking/cycling and public transport should always have the advantage. Homes  and streets should be designed to ensure ease of use of cycles and walking.
  • Cars are provided for but do not dominate visually nor are they allowed to determine the street form 
  • Cul-de-sacs should be avoided where possible and pedestrian and cycle connections between streets should be prioritised.  
  • Design prevents provision of additional ad hoc car spaces on plot.
  • Provision is made for shared cars /car clubs/ebike clubs in addition to visitor allowance
  • Where car parking is required beyond street or appropriate on plot space this is designed to be capable of alternative use as part of travel plan review for development or open space /local food production.

Car parking standards/design will relate to the character of different areas under the code. These will, in turn, link to both the type of housing and proximity to key public transport corridors.  On plot parking will be flexible and people’s garden plots will be capable of adaptation where demand for car use reduces.

Rural Cluster: Parking spaces in these areas should be in small and well overlooked courtyards (as far as possible with more than 1 means of access into and out of the courtyard by foot) and on plot.

Rural Edge: parking should be predominantly on street or off plot.

Village: here we will have a split between on street, on plot and on clusters, depending on topography and house types.

  • 1 space for 1 and 2 bed units and apartments.
  • 2 space for 3 and 4 bed units

Urban: Mainly in small and well-overlooked courtyards as far as possible with more than 1 means of access into and out of the courtyard by foot)and on street. 

  • 1 space for 1 and 2 bedroom units and apartments
  • 1.5 spaces for 3 and 4 bedroom units.

There will also be visitor parking on street or courtyards /clusters (currently set at 10% of total provision). This will be subject to review as part of the travel plan after 5 or 10 years with alternative uses considered.

Car club /E-car club /E-bike parking will have designated spaces in clusters with charging facilities.

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