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What will set Langarth apart regarding green ethics?

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Every aspect of the Design Principles provides innovation and distinction.
Green ethics include:

  • Reduced reliance on cars and reduced parking need due to encouragement of modal shift to sustainable transport and movement.
  • Improving transport links – with works to improve the existing A390 as part of a wider transport strategy for Truro, as well as delivering the new Northern Access Road at the start of the development, walkable and cycle friendly streets which link with new cycle routes into and around the city, and improved public transport, with increased bus services, cheaper fares and E-Bike & E-car clubs.
  • Improved connectivity with generous and interconnected green corridors linking to existing settlements.
  • Protecting at least 48% of the existing green space within the site (compared with just 19% in the previous applications).
  • Building high quality homes to a standard higher than current building regulations, with a target of achieving Zero Carbon.
  • Creating a vibrant, co-ordinated development where people want to live, work and visit, with green and public spaces allowing communities to interact and flourish; live-work housing solutions, including access to superfast broadband and support for start-ups and growth for small and medium sized enterprises, and new sports, cultural and play areas.
  • Setting the development within the historic fields to minimise impact on existing hedgerows, and creating new hedges to help increase biodiversity and to build on the Cornish heritage of the site Planting Forest for Cornwall.
  • Providing allotments, a community farm, community gardens and community orchards to support food production and bring communities together.
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