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What kind of homes will you build?

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We want Langarth Garden Village to be a garden community for everyone. It will provide a wide range of homes for people of all needs and aspirations.

Langarth will create:

  • High quality, well designed housing.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Space for work.
  • Services that fits the needs of a diverse population.

There will be a mix of housing sizes, types and tenures to meet local needs. Not a bland “one size fits all” approach.

This includes:

  • 35% affordable housing.
  • Extra care.
  • Self-build.
  • Keyworker accommodation.
  • Good quality council owned market rented homes.

The design of the homes will be guided by clear design principles and the masterplan. These include the development of robust design codes which will ensure that the quality of the development and the principles described in the Masterplan and planning application will be achieved and implemented in later stages of the development.

Design codes will influence the:

  • Materials used.
  • The range of house types.
  • Considering local character.

The aim is for homes to be low carbon, low running costs – fit for future living.

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