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What is happening with sewage from the new development?

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The Council involvement means drainage improvements and flood prevention measures can take place in a single coordinated way at the start of the scheme rather than having to wait for a significant number of houses to be built to access funding from developers through section 106 agreements. 

Discussions with South West Water (SWW) have already taken place over the treatment of foul water arising from the new developments. The works at the main Newham sewage treatment centre are currently being updated to provide additional capacity and SWW have produced draft proposals for the sewage system required to link the development to Newham. We are now working with SWW to ensure that these infrastructure improvements are put in place prior to the start of the development. 

Sewage from the development will be pumped from the development to Newham pumping station via a rising main and gravity sewer. There are two pumping stations currently being proposed by South West Water which will be located within the development land.

In the event of a power failure, storage is provided upstream of each pumping station which allows for temporary power supplies or tankers to deal with flows until the pumping station is operational again.  The pumping stations will be designed to prevent odours escaping.

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