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What does the Cornwall Local Plan say about housing?

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As we know from the existing Local Plan Truro and Threemilestone is a focus for both housing and employment growth to meet local needs, with approximately 3,900 homes expected to be built by 2030 across the broader area of the city. The development at Langarth will form part of that mix to 2030 and beyond.

We want to make sure that the infrastructure needed to support this community is planned robustly to be able to respond to change into the long term.

Any decision about the total number of homes in a subsequent planning application that will eventually be built will be the subject of the Council’s normal planning process. We have not taken any decision at this time, and we are working with the community to masterplan the area and support the development of the Neighbourhood Plan by the City Council. These will set the framework for the growth coming forward in the future. 

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