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What about the impact on the city centre?

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We recognise the potential negative impact of out of town shops on the city and other local centres.  

The current permissions on the site include proposals for large out of town retail units. By leading on the development of the Masterplan, the Council has the opportunity to remove or reduce further out of town shopping and replace them with more sustainable development which supports local needs.

Even a small number of large out of town units could lead to some poor quality shopping in a sea of car parking.

This could harm the city centre and undermine good urban design and place making. Large out of town retail units are geared towards car-based traffic on the A390. They will not meet the day to day needs of existing local residents or the new housing.

Our involvement will help prevent the construction of these large out of town units. The out of town shopping will be replaced with local retail and other services and facilities which meet the needs of the local community as part of the emerging masterplan. 

 We need to ensure the scheme connects with:

  • Existing settlements. 
  • The Royal Truro Hospital. 
  • Truro and Penwith College.
  • Existing and planned retail developments in the rest of Truro.
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