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How will you support cyclists and pedestrians?

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We want to provide better cycle, and walking connections to provide a realistic and practical alternative to car use for accessing the city centre and other services.

With green space and local centres readily accessible to all homes, pedestrian and cycle routes are being developed to serve and connect all parts of the development. In many cases the green space acts as landscape corridors, linking individual homes to wider communities, the different communities to the overall site and the site to the surrounding areas.

This includes cycleways and paths that allow easy access to everywhere people want to go, as well as cycle parking and storage, cycle training programmes, car clubs and an extension to the park and ride site.  As part of this Strategy the NAR will prioritise cycling and walking across its entire length.

The Saints Trails route from St Agnes will connect to the Langarth development at the proposed West Langarth junction. The intention is that the development area will provide onward connections into the City centre.

We are also looking at the possibility of using incentives such as bike vouchers, free membership of the car club, active travel and public transport guides for each household to encourage people to switch from using their cars to cycling and walking.

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