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How will you make sure that existing communities such as Threemilestone and Highertown are not left behind?

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We recognise the concerns which have been expressed by people living in existing communities close to the site at the potential impact of the new development on their local facilities and services. 

Last year Cornwall Council agreed to provide funding to support the development of a number of community projects in the Threemilestone and Highertown areas to help ensure local services do not come under pressure as a result of the Langarth scheme. 

These included improving existing community facilities such as the Community Hall at All Saints Church Highertown, providing a new hall at Threemilestone School, new playing pitches in Threemilestone and public realm upgrades to the village center to increase the aesthetic appeal, decrease congestion and improve offering of parking – whilst improving pedestrian and cycle links between the village and new Langarth development. 

Expansion of the Threemilestone business park is being reviewed to further ease congestion, improve employment opportunities, drive business growth and enhance links between the village and business park.

We are continuing to work with stakeholders and local communities to develop and deliver our plans to invest in these projects.

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