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How will you ensure the scheme delivers sustainable transport?

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As a garden village, sustainability is important. We want to provide safe and convenient walking, cycling and public transport alongside provision for future technology including use of electric vehicles.

This means prioritising people over cars and encouraging them to use their cars less, so we can help them lead active lives and minimise air and noise pollution from traffic.

The masterplan will include a number of features that promote good air quality, including provision for electric vehicles and public transport. We want new residents to choose to travel into Truro and its major employment and commercial hubs by way of cycling and public transport.

We are working with CORMAC, the Masterplanning team and other partners to create an effective Transport Strategy. This will deliver:

  • Joined-up and accessible transport links, with a new road and interconnected green corridors providing easy access to and positive connections with the city and surrounding communities.
  • Separate walkways and cycle paths for people to travel for work, school or leisure.
  • Improvements to the existing A390.
  • E-Bike and E-car clubs.
  • Improved bus services with bus stops in each local centre, with links to Langarth Park and Ride, RCHT and Truro to provide a fully integrated public transport service with cheaper fares.

Sustainable transport options will be available from as close to ‘day one’ as possible.

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