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How will you ensure that the Garden Village will not have an adverse impact on Truro ?

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The Langarth Garden Village has a number of focal areas which provide facilities across the site. The scheme is not trying to compete with or undermine other existing centres, and is intended to support the viability of other centres such as the City centre.  

The plans have moved away from the previous consents which had a far greater focus on out-of-town retail which could have had a significant impact upon the viability and vitality of the City centre. An impact assessment and sequential test has been submitted with the application, produced by Lichfield’s.

Most local facilities will be within walking/cycling distance, with very good public transport access to the city centre to avoid the need to use a car. The traffic assessments that accompany the application highlight the quality of the public transport corridor along Highertown and to Threemilestone and proposes improvements to support cycling, both within and from the site to other key locations.

The Garden Village is located close to Richard Lander secondary school and key employment centres at Treliske, Threemilestone industrial estate and New County hall. The park and ride and other buses, along with proposed improvements to cycling /electric bikes provides links to the City centre. However, for most day-to-day facilities, from primary schools, health facilities local retail and community facilities as well as support for greater home working will be provided on the site as part of the Garden Village.

The Langarth Garden Village provides a real opportunity to use the access to those facilities and public transport corridor to develop a more sustainable community that support Truro and Threemilestone communities and creates a unique place to live in itself.

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