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How will the Langarth masterplan shape the final scheme?

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The Langarth GV masterplan will identify the overall layout of the scheme, including green and open spaces, community facilities and essential infrastructure.

It also sets out design principles for the scheme, as well as robust design codes which will set the rules for the quality and design of buildings. All developers wishing to be involved in the scheme will have to abide by these codes.

The 10 design principles for the scheme are:

  1. Work with and enhance the quality of life for local communities.
  2. Making it easy and possible to get around on foot, bike, and public transport, both with Langarth and into surrounding communities.
  3. Help instill a strong sense of community.
  4. Creating a place that builds upon and celebrates this unique environment.
  5. Creates a hard working landscape that not just looks beautiful but is functional and productive.
  6. Promote active and healthy lifestyles and a sense of wellbeing.
  7. Designing for climate change resilience.
  8. Offers a mix of homes meeting the varying needs of residents.
  9. Creating jobs and enhancing existing employment opportunities.
  10. A vision that is deliverable.

The masterplan will help:

  • Deliver high quality, well designed housing, improved infrastructure and spaces for work and services that fit the needs of a diverse population retain as much green space within the site as possible while delivering a lower overall density.
  • Maximise access to green space and promote the use of sustainable transport methods for residents and visitors.
  • Create and enhance pedestrian and cycle links into Threemilestone and the surrounding communities
  • Providing new areas of forest, with parks, public sport areas, and green civic and amenity spaces.
  • Ensure that public infrastructure and social amenities such as new schools, an extension to the park and ride scheme, health, leisure, faith, emergency facilities and a new community centre and services needed to enable the development are delivered at the start of the project when the community needs them, rather than having to wait until a significant proportion of the new houses have been built.
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