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How will people be able to cross the A390 safely?

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The A390 will be upgraded to make it less traffic dominated, with several safe crossing points provided along its length to link TMS to Langarth.

These will be ‘At grade’ crossing which are controlled by traffic signals and can be configured to give the pedestrians a limited waiting time and an appropriate walking time to cross the road. Nationally regarded as “ Best Practice”, such crossings have been used elsewhere in the country on roads with similar or higher traffic volumes. 

Experience shows that providing at grade crossings rather than bridges or underpasses put the pedestrian and cyclist in charge, rather than the car, encourages more people to walk and cycle. 

 ‘Super crossings’ have been implemented successfully elsewhere in the country on roads busier than the A390. 

Bridges or underpasses will not be used as they require the pedestrian or cyclist to climb steps or ramps to avoid motor vehicles on the road –creating dominance for the motor vehicle. They are physically restrictive, with parapets or walls , raising concerns over personal security and the potential for crime.

They also reinforce the importance of the road as the barrier between the two communities.

To comply with the Equality Act bridges require appropriate ramps so that all potential users can access the crossing – these are very long, visually unsightly and challenging to construct in confined spaces and expensive to construct because of the amount of land required. needed.  Even with a bridge or underpass some will still try to ‘nip across’ and under more dangerous circumstances.

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