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How are you protecting the environment?

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Garden villages are by their nature green. We recognise the importance of protecting the environment and wildlife. We want to create a new place with green infrastructure at its heart.

The scheme includes redesigning the road through the site as a tree-lined avenue. There will be:

  • Sports pitches and public open spaces for play and recreation walkable green corridors.
  • Cycleways and pedestrian walkways.

There will also be improved surface water drainage. New basins, wetlands and swales will increase biodiversity and protect and enhance species.

We are committed to working within the landscape to create a new village on nature’s terms. This means:

  • preserving more green space.
  • protecting existing Cornish hedges, rivers and wetland areas to provide habitats for insects, songbirds and badgers.
  • using sustainable drainage.
  • planting over 5 hectares (12 acres)new woodland as part of the Forest for Cornwall and other trees throughout the site to support cleaner air and help capture carbon.
  • increasing biodiversity across the site by up to 20%.

We also want to provide allotments, community gardens and community orchards to support food production and bring communities together.

We are working closely with environmental experts, including natural landscape, wildlife, pollution, energy and sustainability as well as with the local community. We will be carrying out a full environmental impact assessment as part of our planning application, including transport impact, air quality and noise assessments. The scope of this will be agreed with the Environment Agency.

To understand what is already on the land, we are carrying out extensive research to identify the habitats and habits of species such as bats, owls, kingfishers, voles, badgers and more to ensure that the most valuable habitats are protected, and others are created, including wetlands, ponds and areas of tree planting.

The emerging scheme includes a fundamental re-design of the road through the site as a tree-lined avenue, the provision of sports pitches and public open spaces for play and recreation connected by walkable green corridors. Access to the existing countryside will be improved, strengthening links by improving and adding new cycleways and pedestrian walkways connecting all parts of the development, and creating river and woodland walks.

We are working with the:

  • Environment agency.
  • Natural England.
  • Cornwall wildlife trust.
  • The local community.
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