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Have all the garden city principles been met through the emerging Masterplan?

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Yes all the garden city principles have been incorporated and are also covered by the 10 agreed Design Principles:

  1. Land value capture for the benefit of the community.
  2. Strong vision, leadership and community engagement.
  3. Community ownership of land and long-term stewardship of assets.
  4. Mixed-tenure homes and housing types that are genuinely affordable.
  5. A wide range of local jobs in the Garden City within easy commuting
    of homes.
  6. Beautifully and imaginatively designed homes with gardens, combining
    the best of town and country to create healthy communities, and including
    opportunities to grow food.
  7. Development that enhances the natural environment, providing a
    comprehensive green infrastructure network and net biodiversity gains,
    and that uses zero-carbon and energy-positive technology to ensure
    climate resilience.
  8. Strong cultural, recreational and shopping facilities in walkable, vibrant,
    sociable neighbourhoods.
  9. Integrated and accessible transport systems, with walking, cycling and
    public transport designed to be the most attractive forms of local
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