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Cornwall has declared a Climate Emergency. How will Langarth Garden Village reflect this?

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It is our intention to create a well-connected community that is adaptable, resilient and fit for future living. A community that sits within a biodiverse and hard-working landscape. We are looking to create something exemplary. We will draw on the vast bank of knowledge, skills and experience that exist within Cornwall and beyond, to make that happen.

An energy strategy has been developed which aims to deliver net zero carbon for the buildings, using renewable energy to heat and power homes, installing higher levels of insulation and providing electric charging points in every house. 

We are also exploring the potential of district heating using geothermal energy as a renewable source of heat.

We are working within the landscape to preserve more green space, protect existing Cornish hedges, rivers and wetland areas to provide habitats for insects, songbirds and badgers and use sustainable drainage.

We are also planning to plant over 5 hectares (12 acres)new woodland as part of the Forest for Cornwall and other trees throughout the site to support cleaner air and help capture carbon, and increase biodiversity across the site. We also want to provide allotments, community gardens and community orchards to support food production and bring communities together.

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