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Are you confident that the SuDS system will work satisfactorily?

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The objective of the SuDs system proposed for the Garden Village is to promote a more environmentally sensitive way of managing surface water and reducing  the potential of flooding events.

SuDs have been successfully used to provide improved water quality, reduce erosion and provide flood protection for areas downstream over a number of years, both in the UK and around the world. This is recognised and endorsed by the latest Government guidance, which promotes their use in development. 

SuDs are not primarily aimed at retaining water outside of peak events to reduce the rate of run off. The objective is to create more natural storage and characteristics in greenfield locations – but not to stop water in flowing into the river. Instead the use of SuDS replicates a more natural form of drainage. Larger SuDs systems, such as those proposed, allow for the most effective surface water management and opportunities for ecological and environmental benefits. They work both as a way of working with nature to manage flooding as well as to reduce pollution and downstream pollution.

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